Boost Performance, Management and Mobility with Virtual Desktop Solution

Leveraging server virtualisation, desktop virtualisation or application virtualisation can help improve the speed of enterprise computing, reduce costs, green your IT environment and enable workforce mobility. With experience helping organisations of all sizes virtualise seamlessly, MyPassword’s local virtualisation experts can create a flexible, customised plan that helps your organisation realise enduring value.


Desktop virtualisation allows your employees to work any time, from anywhere and from any device through options such as Windows virtual desktops, as data flows securely between users regardless of device. Virtual desktops let you decide which end users can have access to which systems and applications and make it easier to Bring Your Own Device to work by removing dependence on physical hardware. Options such as Windows virtual desktops enable you to provide a consistent desktop experience irrespective of the device your staff may wish to use.

Virtual desktops can transform your business by allowing you to:

Strengthen Security 

By moving data typically stored on end-user devices to a centralized and backed-up server, you greatly reduce the risk of data loss through theft, loss or corruption.

Create Cohesive Management

Maintaining a single copy of your desktop operating system and applications through virtual desktops vastly improves time to deployment and allows you to upgrade or patch a single copy that can be immediately deployed to your entire user environment.

Save Energy 

As with server virtualization, where you consolidate your physical servers to reduce energy, virtual desktops can help you use lower-powered devices such as thin clients instead of high-powered PCs.

Ensure Disaster Recovery

Virtual desktops let your workforce work from anywhere regardless of whether the physical office environment is available.


Whether your organization likes the energy-saving “green” aspect of virtual desktops or it wants to Simple and powerful on day to day business activities, MyPassword can help.Our teams will support our customer’s efforts from an end to end state including Design, Implementation, Support and Life Cycle Management of Hardware, Software and Services.

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