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About myPassword About myPassword
About myPassword

About myPassword

PT. Password Solusi Sistem (myPassword) was founded in 2010, as an IT Solution and System Integrator company, providing IT Infrastructure & Business Application solutions, including delivering a well-proven Implementation, maintenance & other value-added services to our customers. 

We build strategic alliances with our innovative technology partners that embrace Digital Transformation vision to help you achieve your business goals more efficient, productive, and secure. We believe that every company has their unique business goals. Therefore, our certified engineer can help you to do customization that fits with your company’s strategic needs & situation.

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Director's Notes

Becoming An Adaptive Business Leader In A Digitally Transformed World

Butterfly has one of the most fascinating life cycles of all creatures. They have to pass through a transformative changes as it moves from one stage of life cycle to the next. The caterpillar teaches us the wisdom of constant, incremental evolution.

Innovation and technology advancements is constantly approaching from every corner of the world. To compete, to advance and to win in our businesses, we believe that we must evolve constantly, purposefully, and need to become better at calibrating and adapting. This is the differentiation factor that myPassword can offer to all of our Customers.

We believe that pursuing innovation and technology advancements will become less intimidating when you have right tools that simplify the path to your long-term goals and partnering with excellent technology team who embrace the digital transformation vision.

We are your Password to success

Hendriyanto Suhandi

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Our Certification

myPassword believes in acquiring knowledge and competencies to expand our skillset and develop future opportunities so we can grow along with our technology partners & customers.

Our Mission

  • To help you find the best solutions for your IT environment
  • To provide optimum systems design and configuration that meets your requirements
  • To provide top-notch technical maintenance and other value-added services

Why Entrust Your System with Us

Top Notch Maintenance Top Notch Maintenance Top Notch Maintenance

Top Notch Maintenance

We can maintain your service following a predetermined Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Fast Response Fast Response Fast Response

Fast Response

We are committed to serving customers with quick responses to help solve customer needs

Professional Workers Professional Workers Professional Workers

Professional Workers

Our team consists of certified, passionate young professionals who are ready to help you achieve business goals through Digital Transformation.

Proven to be Reliable