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Improving Your Cloud Journey with Dell Indonesia

NEWS Wednesday, 09 November 2022
Improving Your Cloud Journey with Dell Indonesia

Thursday, September 29, 2022, this event was organized by PT Password Solusi Sistem and Dell Indonesia with "Modern IT Infrastructure: Journey to Hybrid Cloud and Multi Cloud" as the event title, which was aimed at myPassword customers who need cloud products or security servers that can provide best solutions. This event was started with an opening by Rahmat Lukito, Business Manager of PT Password Solusi Sistem, he began with the discussion of the current needs of companies and what obstacles that cause customers to hesitate to transform to the cloud. The event was continued by Katharine Wahyuri, SPS Sales Specialist from Dell Indonesia, who discussed two of Dell products, namely VxRail and PowerFlex.


1. VxRail

Dell EMC VxRail is VMware's only integrated, configured, and tested HCI solution. Based on the HCI software system, the VxRail system delivers a ready-to-use IT infrastructure transformation. This product also has the ability to accelerate and simplify IT transformation through standardization and automation. In addition, VxRail brings some of the latest features such as:

  • Improved enterprise deployment features that are simpler for customers to be managed as needed. The previous implementation of each appliance was optimized to 20 minutes, which now can be applied to a larger cluster size so the customers can add and manage 10 appliances.
  • Additional hardware flexibility lowers total cost of ownership, such as providing new options for single processor deployment that can reduce software licensing costs until up to 64 nodes, 12 additional ports, etc. Hence, VxRail can be operated in environments that require segmentation-free work on a physical network.
  • The latest VMware technology support. VMware vSphere 6.5 and VMware vSAN 6.6 support can improve data service algorithm optimization that has the ability to accelerate flash performance, software-based data-at-rest encryption that functions to prevent unwanted data access, as well as enhanced protection features for stretched clusters.
  • Improved interoperability with technology from Dell EMC, where the customers using VxRail Appliances can now leverage a centralized Dell EMC Secure Remote Services (ESRS) gateway to provide a single point of secure, two-way remote support for their entire Dell EMC infrastructure.

2. PowerFlex

PowerFlex is an infrastructure built by seamless software that maximizes the flexibility of the IT ecosystem and provides customers with a robust system for upgrading their IT infrastructure. In addition, Powerflex has functions such as block and file storage, and an extensive OS, hypervisor, platform support flexibility that can help analyze different, heterogeneous workloads to a common platform.

PowerFlex offers extreme flexibility for the needs of diverse and rapidly growing companies. This product offers customers unprecedented options for designing critical IT environments for their enterprise needs. Users can manage storage and compute resources separately or independently, one node at a time, depending on their needs, while using dynamic deployments that allow them to mix and match storage, compute, and HCI nodes.

PowerFlex can also support multiple operating environments of bare metal operating systems, hypervisors, and container platforms, together with a unified infrastructure and management platform. By enabling you as a customer to flexibly combine these architectures in a single deployment, PowerFlex enables you to deploy, scale, and extend all applications to meet your business goals.

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