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Start Your Digital Transformation Journey with Huawei Cloud

NEWS, EVENTS Friday, 23 December 2022
Start Your Digital Transformation Journey with Huawei Cloud

Friday 16 December 2022, myPassword held an event with the theme "Start Your Digital Transformation Journey with Huawei Cloud". This event was held in collaboration with Huawei to show our customers who are very enthusiastic about following Cloud developments. This event was opened by Wendra Lea as the President Director of PT Password Solusi Sistem, which was started by discussing cloud developments that keep growing and demanding by many companies. Furthermore, Renaldy Nugraha as Huawei Indonesia's Lead Solution Architect, started the main event by discussing Huawei's two superior products in building cloud systems, namely:


1. Elastic Cloud Server (ECS)

Elastic Cloud Server provides computing resources that are more secure, scalable and can be modified according to customer requests, so it is easier to spread out applications, and workloads become more flexible. The advantages of using ECS:

a. Easy and affordable elastic and flexible cloud migration

For ECS management systems, user can use a web-based consoles or open APIs. In addition, ECS provides a pay-as-you-go billing mode, either annually or monthly, and prices are according to the selected spot, so it is more affordable for customers.


b. Reliable product with strong performance

ECS has up to 208 vCPUs and up to 4,096 GiB of memory to provide industry-leading computing power, as well as having a PPS performance of 10 million, which is the leading performance, and intranet bandwidth reaching 44 Gbit/s.


c. Specifications are very diverse, fulfill the needs

ECS has a variety of servers to choose, such as ECS x86, Kunpeng, Ascend and heterogeneous.


d. Solid data platform, guarantee data reliability

It has a data security of 99.9999999% and various types of EVS disks are available for various needs, such as extreme SSD, ultra-high I/O, general purpose SSD and high I/O.


2. Object Storage Service (OBS)

Object Storage Service is cloud storage that is more stable, secure, easier to use and makes it possible to store any amount of unstructured data virtually and in any format, that is accessible from anywhere using a REST API. The advantages of using OBS:

a. Worry Free

Reaching up to 99.9999999% for data robustness and 99.995% for service availability.


b. High Efficiency

It has high-performance data storage options of 10 million TPS, 2.4 Gbit/s single-stream upload and under 10 ms latency for uploading small objects.


c. Protect Data with Strong Security

Has secure authentication, encryption, URL validation and detailed control permissions so it can maintain security and protect data in storage or during the transfer process.


d. Ease of Use

OBS provides REST APIs and Kits for software development (SDK) in several languages, and it is compatible with the majority of clients, so it is easier to upload, download and manage data anytime and anywhere.


To find out more about Huawei Cloud, please contact us via

Phone  : +6221-536 3207
Mobile  : +6285213002010
Wisma 77 Tower 1 , 15th floor, Jl. Letjen S. Parman kav 77, Jakarta Barat 11410

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